Sprint and Hillclimb Links

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Nottingham Sports Car Club - a good intro. to sprinting in the Midlands and lots of events at Curborough. http://www.nottsscc.co.uk
MSA - the UK motor sports governing body for lists of event, clubs, contacts, ads etc. http://www.msauk.org
Hillclimb and Sprint Association http://www.hillclimbandsprint.co.uk/
British Motor Sprint Association http://www.britishsprint.org/
Index to Hillclimbing and Sprinting (especially good for clubs and venues) http://www.ukmotorsport.com/uk_speed.html
British hillclimb championship and more: http://www.hillclimbing.co.uk/
ANWCC http://www.anwcc.org/
Scottish Speed Association: http://www.s-s-a.demon.co.uk
General info. on hillclimbs and sprinting in the UK, including the Hillclimb & Sprint Association: http://www.ukmotorsport.com/racmsa/starting/hillclimb_sprint.html
Contact details for UK clubs on and off the web: http://find.motorclub.co.uk/searches.html
UK and international racing circuits database http://drive.to/circuits
Motoring directory - includes motorsport, kitcars etc. http://www.oilypages.com
Site devoted to British hillclimb championship top 12 run off: http://www.top12runoff.co.uk/
Details of southern venues by Ian Crocker: http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/9190/sprint/svenues.html
See also the links to clubs and venues on the: ANWCC page
Mole racing (includes in-car videos of Aintree, 3 Sisters, Harewood and Pembrey): http://www.moleracing.com/
Videos of Peter Humphries TVR at Curborough, Loton, Lydden, Pembrey, Goodwood, Zolder etc: http://www.roop.ik.com/
More videos from fluke motorsport: Curborough, Aintree, Silverstone and Ty Croes: http://www.fluke-motorsport.co.uk
Hillclimbs and sprints in Malta http://www.geocities.com/iccmalta/page3.html
Excellent international links for sprints and hillclimbs: http://home.t-online.de/home/thomasbubel/links.htm
Getting started in hillclimbing and sprinting: http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/9190/sprint/sprint.html
Some interesting bits and bobs: http://www.motorsport-res.co.uk/Site-Contents.html
BMTR (contains AVON compounds and tyre fitting guide): http://www.bmtr.co.uk/fitting.htm
A great example of the clubmans spirit - Bill Sherwood's clubmans cars: http://www.onthenet.com.au/~billzila/carindex.htm
A no-nonsense view of what its about, great description of Harewood with piccies and a how-to on Vauxhall Ecotecs: http://www.cheesy-p.demon.co.uk/
For local tuition, fun in karts or corporate entertainment then try Aintree Racing Drivers School (at Three Sisters): http://www.aintree-racing-drivers-school.co.uk/
Miscellaneous racing links - all types, but not much sprinting: http://www.motorlinks.co.uk/
Kelvin Youhar's pages covering Gurston, data logging, adverts parts etc. http://www.btinternet.com/~jouhar/
Datagold - A UK search engine with a decent motor sport categy. http://www.datagold.com/ukmotor.htm
Search engine - for the over 50's - I'll be there soon.


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