New Brighton Sprint Course


These pages have moved to where there are no annoying adverts, pop-ups or spyware and it responds quicker too! New Brighton was until recently a round of the British Sprint Championship and the big single seaters used to reach 180-190 mph on the front.  The event is hosted by Wallasey MC and runs on the Prom.  It's on the Wirral peninsula not the south coast!


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Course Description

I've only done New Brighton once before, that was 6 years ago and the layout has changed since then, so you best ask someone else really.  In '99 I only managed the convoy run and 50 yards of first practice before one of the diff. planet wheels changed its orbit.   However, I guess a few observations may help:

1) It's 1450 metres long and 6-12 metres wide.

2) It is on closed public roads and is probably the only opportunity you will get to go the wrong way around roundabouts legally.

3) The kerbs are high in places and best avoided.

4) The hairpin has gone now, which pleases me, as I understeered onto the kerb there last time.

5) The start is on a reasonable curve, so line up appropriately and hang on tightly off the line.

6) The organisers warned against the "red mist" descending on the approach to the first corner which is straight across a roundabout but going around it the wrong way.   You will be doing a fair speed, there is not much opportunity for straighlining it.   It also appears to tighten.  Just when you would be wanting to drift out the kerb blocks your way.

7) Next is a 90% right, again its the wrong way round the roundabout.  Then there is a short run to the next corner which is another roundabout at the sea front.  You need to kink left then go round it the correct way to the right.

8) There still is a nasty hump on the finishing straight caused by subsidence.   My Mallock bottoms there and Scotty smashed his sump a few years back (despite a kevlar undertray) so ensure you have adequate ground clearance.  Which side of the track minimizes the effect of this?

9) How does the course end?

The attached course layout is taken from Wallasey MCs regs.

How to get there

Following instructions courtesy of Wallasey MC:

M6 to the M56 to the M53 - signposted "Birkenhead", exiting M53 at Junction 1, signposted "New Brighton".

From the North and East, via Liverpool City Centre, follow signs to "Wallasey Tunnel" (Toll 1-00), onto the M53, exiting Junction 1, signposted "New Brighton".

N.B. The prom. is closed from 8a.m. so you have to enter via New Brighton itself.


  • Roundabouts - a hooligan's paradise!
  • At the national round - watching the big 'uns take off like dragsters.


  • The sea wall all looks the same to me so I find judging braking distances is difficult.
  • Kerbs.

Class Times

If anyone has the actual class records for the current course I'll gladly put them up here.  In the meantime, just to give visitors an idea of where to start from, I've included the results from the 1999, 2000 and 2001 events:


Class Time Driver Car CC Date
1 Road mod saloon and sports to 1400 59.99 John Marsden Austin Cooper S 1293 5/01
2 Road mod saloon and sports 1400-2000 55.00 Bobby Fryers Renault Clio Williams   5/00
3 Road mod saloon and sports over 2000 54.33 Mark Walwork Ford Sierra Cosworth   5/01
4 Road mod kit  to 1700 54.44 Roy Johnson Westfield SE 1700 5/99
5 Road mod kit  over 1700 54.24 Andrew Platt Westfield SEiW   5/01
7 Mod Prod to 1400 61.34 Christopher Miller Austin Mini   5/00
8 Mod Prod 1400-2000 56.02 Graham Parry Opel Manta   5/00
9 Mod Prod over 2000 56.07 Neil Philpotts Mitsubishi Starion Turbo   5/00
10 Mod Prod, Kit, Replica, Spaceframe to 1800 52.88 Dorian Tyrell Westfield SEi 1200 5/01
11 Mod Prod, Kit, Replica, Spaceframe over 1800 49.17 Tom Green Westfield SEight 4998 5/01
12 Sports Libre to 1700 52.29 Stuart Nelson Haggispeed Rover 1598 5/01
15 Racing 600-1300 48.38 Andrew Cowell Jedi MkV 1089 5/01
16 Formula Ford pre '96 52.97 Graham Curwen Van Diemen RF91 1600 5/01
18 Racing 1700-2200 46.66 Matthew Pinder Reynard Vauxhall Lotus   5/99
20 Ginettas of any capacity 55.13 Peter Callaghan Ginetta G12 1652 5/01
21 Rally cars of any capacity 58.72 Peter Bryson Ford Sierra Cosworth   5/01


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