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van diemen offside These pages have moved to where there are no annoying adverts, pop-ups or spyware and it responds quicker too! I've fancied a 2 litre single seater for a while and now I've finally got one.  I hope to run it instead of the Mallock one day.


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I bought it in 2000, just before stuffing the Mallock, and it has been on hold ever since!  It's actually a Formula Forward from the late '80s or early '90s.  Formula Forward was one of a number of attempts to replace Formula Ford 2000, i.e. control slicks, wings and a stock 2 litre Ford engine.  They originally ran with the 2 litre SOHC 8 valve unit from the Scorpio, but this one has been converted to take a late RS2000 16 valve engine.  It had been used in Monoposto circuit racing by Dermot Healy from Ashton last year and could apparently keep up with the Vauxhall Lotuses. 


Van Diemen cockpit It's a typical spaceframe: 5/8th square tube with ally panels pop-riveteed on.  One thing I like about reputable makes is that you can be pretty sure of their integrity.  As shown on the left, the cockpit is quite spacious for this sort of thing.


Scruffy and yellow.


van diemen front Pretty long wishbones at the front.
van diemen rear Inboard coil spring damper units with adjustable anti-roll bars front and back - identical to Van Diemen Vauxhall Junior components.
van diemen rear suspension detail The rear rockers have some strengthening plates welded on the top.


Van Diemen with Ford RS2000 engine It's from a modern Escort RS2000, i.e. the 16 valve twincam not the old pinto.   As standard these give 150bhp.  It has been dry sumped, has a lightened flywheel  and runs on '45s with Weber alpha ignition and a 4:1 exhaust.  Aldon reckoned it gave 180 bhp at 7,200 rpm, but I can't see how those minor changes could give 30 bhp.


It's got a standard clutch, going into a Hewland LD200 with an open diff.


It runs on 6" and 8" revolutions and the tyres are hard Avon race control tyres.  The first mod will probably be to replace these with 8s and 10s.

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